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Posted By: Safine Mahoe
Made at Nov 23 2023 11:04AM
Edited Nov 23 2023 11:04AM

I Love You dances

Friends-grid wants to help support our friends at I Love You grid while they  are having tech issues, so we will be hosting their normal dances at our Party Mountain Location.    This is the large pool location  on same island as stables.    Posters with tp will be put up.

The first dance will be Saturday Nov 25 at noon with DJ Rosa and Hostess Bobbi


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Made at Sep 29 2023 7:19PM
Edited Sep 29 2023 7:19PM

OS 9.2.2 complete

Friends-grid is now fully transitioned to Opensim 9.2.2  and all the regions are on Y engine.

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Made at Aug 14 2023 3:45AM
Edited Aug 14 2023 3:45AM

New places at friends grid!

Friends-grid has recently added 3 new places which you will see as you are out sailing.     There is an oil rig   which has become a reef in Deepwater II north edge.   This is complete  and ready for you to enjoy diving!   the next two places are still being worked on.......but you are free to look.       In Azure Bay, Friends Towers will be a 15 story  Luxury condo for rental.    In Mango Bay is The Amani  Cruise ship  which is being worked on and furnished.    The Ship and condos were  gifts from our friends at H4O.

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Made at Aug 11 2023 9:33AM
Edited Aug 12 2023 5:40AM



Discord group for friends-grid server on new website