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Friends-grid is a virtual world and community offering underwater worlds, racing, shopping, casino, jungle exploration, horse riding, sailing and much more. No matter what your interests are, Friends-grid has something for everyone!

Friends-grid is looking for a few more residents who want to be involved in this multi-cultural community. This is an Adults only grid and we offer islands that are approximately 1 sim in size to people who are willing to make this their main home in Opensim.

  • We require that people login in twice a week minimum .
  • 10,000 prims
  • skyboxes above 5,000
  • no ban lines
  • No children
  • Respect others
  • Islands kept a natural shape


Here are the Steps to becoming a friends-grid resident:

  1. make an account at
  2. Add friends-grid to your firestorm like this    the address is
  3. contact  Safine Mahoe or Zuzu Bahro inworld 


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What can I do at Friends-grid?

I recently sent out new tp boards, and   want to encourage you to see what is on friends-grid.

Here are  some of the places you can find here::


  • Isla Pacifica - this is an island near the mall that Mandy has developed into a beautiful natural area.
  • Friends Mall & Skatepark - the Mall officially opens Feb 28, but some stores are open early.     The skatepark is in courtyard of the mall.    Great shopping and Skating
  • Friends Caverns - all new cavern  built on Safine's farm
  • Velocidad Racing - we offer 4 different tracks.....some with electronic timing
  • Mountain top Club - Will have music every tuesday at 12pm
  • Casino - a great place to gamble without losing money.    Click on the  dollarsigns to get money and try your luck!
  • Friends Stables - Located on Safine's farm with trails for you to ride.    When riding, sit on horse (you will appear under the horse) wait 15 seconds for scripts to load, then move forward like walking and you will rise .   page up = faster trot
  • Centro Hispano - A beautiful region  Designed by Joy love  which celebrates the  hispanic culture as well as a museum
  • Friends Marina and Shop - An area that Pin  built offering boats to use and some  personally crafted items in her shoppe.    We often sail from here Sundays at noon.
  • Clearwater - a build by Pin encompassing  residential and Landscaping.
  • Beach Cove & Waterfalls - if you want to  visit the perfect secluded beach, this is the spot!     Just past the will find  the amazing waterfalls.   this build was by Pin!
  • Underwater Worlds - this area was split into two different areas: realistic and fantasy.    This is the most detailed underwater build in opensim with more than 5,000 fish and  marine animals.   There are two coral reefs, a cenote on the small island near the   reef entrance...and a tp to our Rigs to Reefs project.     In addition,  the fantasy world is is full of beauty, mystery and mermaids.
  • Surf Beach - Surf, wind surf, body surf or kayak surf 3 waves for you to enjoy!
  • Annihilation -  this is a place to take out frustrations!   Shoot the zombies...and crash your vehicle into buildings...watching them explode!
  • Sandbox - a safe place to rezz and test things
  • Winter Wonderland - The special Winter / Christmas area designed by Serina and Safine.
  • Textures Trees & Scripts - the new shopping area for builders and landscapers

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OS 9.2.2 complete

Friends-grid is now fully transitioned to Opensim 9.2.2  and all the regions are on Y engine.

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Edited Aug 14 2023 3:45AM

New places at friends grid!

Friends-grid has recently added 3 new places which you will see as you are out sailing.     There is an oil rig   which has become a reef in Deepwater II north edge.   This is complete  and ready for you to enjoy diving!   the next two places are still being worked on.......but you are free to look.       In Azure Bay, Friends Towers will be a 15 story  Luxury condo for rental.    In Mango Bay is The Amani  Cruise ship  which is being worked on and furnished.    The Ship and condos were  gifts from our friends at H4O.

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Discord group for friends-grid server on new website