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Posted By: Safine Mahoe
Made at May 03 2024 6:23AM
Edited May 03 2024 6:23AM

Teleporting Issues?

The last couple days I had severe issue teleporting both in and out of grid.  I could not tp  to places on friends grid or the hypergrid.    the only way I could get places was to relog.  then I could tp once...maybe twice...before it all started again.     I also could not tp back to friends grid.     I finally discovered the problem is a firestorm flaw!


on the firestorm download page

you can see the following text




  • SLURLs not working in your browser, or choose to open with a different viewer (Windows)


Firestorm made a mess and now they are offering a ptch to fix it.     Download the SLURL

Make SLURL the default handler

When the SLURL window is open....drag your firestorm icon into this  SLRUL  window


Now  operate as normal