About Us

Friends-Grid.com is a virtual reality world platform.
Residents can find new friends, love, build, create fantasies and do pretty much everything people do in the real world.
Friends-Grid.com is not considered a game because it does not require the players to move up levels like in a game.

Who We Are

Here is a partial list of people who are making friends-grid happen: Sorabis Slade - develop Clearwater F1 track, scripter Pin Deluca - develop waterfalls, marina, event center and Clearwater II region Lily Loire - developing Fantasia region Courreges Malatesta- friend’s own DJ and awesome swamp developer Serina Gee - personal assistant and developer of The Retreat, oversees groups Zuzu Bahro - Friends-grid hostess and rental developer Dante Cavalieri - special underwater acquisitions Joy Love - developer of Centro Hispana Isabela Nicaragua - developer of Centro Hispana Linda McAlister - builder and developer always willing to help

A Message From Friends-Grid.com

Safine Mahoe is the owner of friends-grid. She has spent extensive time in Second Life and Inworldz before coming to open sim 5 exactly years ago. Since that time, Safine has owned numerous regions and lived on different grids, learning the different advantages of each. Safine has combined her travels and a semi crazy imagination to create a place for all to enjoy. Friends-grid was built based on this quote from Woodrow Wilson: “Friendship is the only cement that will hold the world together. “ Although Safine is the owner of friends-grid, she is certainly not the only one who has built or been creative here. Many of the friends-grid residents have done extensive building and landscaping ….. making this a project that has been built by many. It is with much pride that Safine looks across the creativity on the grid, seeing much better builders than herself.

Enjoy Friends-Grid.com